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Countertop Measurements

LY Granite handles all installations and customization to ensure your home improvement project is a success. Measuring your countertop space is very important as it helps us to provide you with the best estimate for your project.

How to measure your countertops

Square Footage Calculation:
To calculate square footage of your countertops as accurately as possible it is best to divide the countertops in sections as shown below.

countertop measurement.png

Section A: 96" x 25.5" = 2448 square inches

Section B: 48" x 25.5" = 1224 square inches
Total = 3672 square inches.

Final step - Divide total square inches by 144 to obtain total square footage.

Each square foot has 144 square inches (12" x 12") 3672 square inches divided by 144 = 25.5 square feet..

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