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Browse through our suppliers to find the perfect products and materials for your projects.

Ly Granite will order all supplies to complete your project. Simply select the materials and styles you wish to use and we will handle the rest!

Modern Kitchen Cabinets


KATO strives to offer carefully engineered kitchen and bathroom products at competitive prices without sacrificing the hard work of our talented designers and build quality. #simplyliving

Image by Andy Art

Prestale Inc.

Prestale, is an importer and wholesaler of marble, granite, quartz and porcelain slabs specializing in providing fabricators with high quality materials, competitive prices and dependable service.

Image by Chastity Cortijo


With concepts designed to be as functional as they are attractive, Pearl® strives to be at the pinnacle of modern fixtures and decor, offering amiable designs that are both practical and alluring.

Image by Jocelyn Morales


With a committed research and development team, VICOSTONE offers the most innovative and desired quartz designs in the industry.

Image by Madison Bracaglia

Zenith Quartz

Centered in Montreal, Zenith is a proudly Canadian company created with the purpose of designing and providing the highest quality, sustainably made quartz on the market.

 Make sure to take a note of all Styles, model numbers and materials after visiting our suppliers. We will need this information to start your free estimate.

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